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We are very happy to announce that we are holding ' Camera's Champion Beer Of Warwickshire 2014'. Through out the weekend we will have many different things going on including the very important beer tasting. 

Thursday 13th November we have a skittles evening with a buffet exclusive to Camera members only. 

Friday 14th the event opens to the public, This night will consist of tasting beer and voting for whichever you think is the best. 

Saturday 15th, 40 years of music. Paul Crane presents a night full of music from 1974 onwards. Tickets are £5 all money raised from ticket sales and throughout the night goes to Alzheimer's and Cancer Research, They are on sale now from the pub. 

Sunday 16th, Beer quiz from 7.30pm onwards. If you think you know everything about beer get a team booked in now as it is filling up quickly.