Picking Green Hops 

Last week we picked the hops that have been growing in the pub garden & brewed with them on the same day. Started the brew early in the morning and while it was mashing we got chopping and picking.

The weather was good which I was very grateful of, as it was not an easy task to untangle the hops from the fairy lights, both attached to the arbour. A lesion learnt for next time though, wear long sleeves as the hop vines do scratch the hell out of your inner arms, Gemma was the only smart one who went with a jumper (insert her smugness here).

Once we have a whole bag full (this is our only recipe Slaughterhouse Brewery makes that guess work on hopping quantity is use)  is picked and Ricky had ran off and sparged the wort into the kettle for the boil. The freshly picked hops went into boil!

Look out for 'The Green Hopper' beer here at the wild boar as we can only made it once a year and when it's gone it's gone!

green hopper