• The Wild Boar Pub (map)
  • 27 Lakin Road
  • Warwick, CV34 5BU
  • United Kingdom

Movie Raffle - Thursday Apr 28th

You bring a film you want to screen, we give you a raffle ticket, if your number is pick we will screen that movie!
Simple but exciting!

movie raffle night

Choose wisely, try and pick a good film. If your film is selected you will have to present the film and in turn reveal yourself to the audience. You may not make any friends if it's a real stinker!

Rules, Rules, Rules:
1. Not too violent (don't need a master class of violence & gore)
2. Not too sexy (That's a very different sort of film club)
3. Not too long (over two & half hours and the seats get too uncomfortable.
4. Have to be a member to enter a film for the raffle (no problem you can join on the night)

T&C's to entry your movie:
You have to be in the room!! (can't be watched if you will not watch it too).
You have to be a paid up member of Warwick Film Club (you can do this on the night if you wish to join, check link for more info: http://www.thewildboarwarwick.co.uk/warwickfilmclub 
Dvd or Blu Ray disc folks (No VHS, Laser disc, Betamax tape
Please check that your copy plays correctly (if it has a big whopping scratch across it then pick something else.

Food will be available
7.00pm -Doors open, early birds help setup
7.30pm -Chat & planning about future screening
8.00pm -Film Starts
Half time Choc-Ice interval.